I am a Christian mother of one tornado and one sunflower, wife to a triathlon-obsessed Airman (my doctor says the word “triathlete” explains a lot when describing personality – read it how you will).  When I don’t feel guilt for spending time away from my kids, I love to quilt, craft, have quality girl-time…and talk on the phone (I have been known to let the phone die on me more than a couple times).  I have a horrible memory.  I consider myself a compartment junky – love organization!  Dislike stuff.  I love pens, clean crisp paper and a full array of office supplies.  Fresh cut, bright flowers have a place in my house.  The toilet paper roll should go on so the loose paper comes over the top.  I don’t read enough, but love books on tape.

This little blog is just to write down whatever I am doing to keep my family and friends up-to-date.  I am not incredibly witty.  I don’t have the talent to make a blog about what to make your kids for lunch, no fantastic freezer recipes, and I certainly don’t know what is going on in pop culture.  If you stumble upon this and do happen to have interest in any of it…well, that is pretty darn cool.


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