Whatever the reason for the trip, seeing Montana is wonderful.  I’m not sure what qualifies as a road trip.  In this state, I feel like any time we want to go to another city, it is a road trip.  There is nothing between here and wherever, so the boredom from the drive really adds to the miles.  But, the kidlettes and I did just survive a 16 hour (each leg) round-trip drive.

I have figured out that you cannot get a lot of radio in Montana.  But, they play music on the AM frequencies.  So, if you are in a lucky spot on a good day, you just might not have to listen to all those CDs for the eightieth time.  Whatever we are listening to, it is way better when you sing along.


I’m starting to find the groove to traveling with children.

1.  It doesn’t much matter if you bring enough snacks for the whole trip.  All the carbs and chewy food will be gone within a few hours.  All that fruit…well, you just wasted it.  Apparently, children develop a good-food aversion whilst traveling.

2.  If you drive an archaic vehicle without built-in DVD, you just might have to invest in dual DVD players.  Heaven forbid the kids watch the same thing.  Don’t forget good headphones…not earbuds.  Who wants earbuds in for 6-16 hours?

3.  Children are teeny-tiny human beings.  Motion sickness applies.


Basically, we wing it.  We make sure that drivers licenses, ID cards, and debit cards are packed, the dogs have food for the trip and there is gas in the car.  The rest can be figured out on the road.  I’m good with that.  I’m over always being prepared for the trip.  It doesn’t seem to make a difference, anyway.




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