What? A real update? Maybe.

Hola mi familia…here is my non-update update:

The Man had his PRP appointment today (PRP = Personal Responsibility Profile…just something you need to work with nukes.  He won’t work with nukes, but his group does, meaning he needs it, anyway).  In case you are not up-to-speed with us…The Man submitted paperwork 2+ months ago.  After a month-and-a-half of calling the Med Group for information on where he stood to get an appointment, he finally got a real answer – “We don’t have your paperwork.”  There was a lot of frustration with this because he kept getting a generic answer from the Med Group that “it was in review.”  He got the information for a lady in the PRP section so he could make sure the next time he submitted the information, he would have confirmation from a person he already spoke with.  He filled out the paperwork – submitted said paperwork – had confirmation of paperwork received by PRP section.  A week later, he received a phone call from a different person, “Sir, I have your name written down.  Were you supposed to send me something?”  LOST PAPERWORK?!  Shocking.  So, he resubmitted, again.  After not hearing anything from them after another week, I called to play secretary (so annoying when wives do this stuff, but effective).  I got a hold of regular ol’ Family Medicine and said I couldn’t get through to anyone over at PRP regarding my husband.  Ta-da…a phone call later that day, The Man had an appointment set up with the PRP peeps.

That brings us to today.  Appointment – check.  PRP submitted to Malmstrom – check.  Now we wait.  The Man is going to call later today, when the United States starts waking up, to get in contact with the Malmstrom PRP section.  The doctor on this end said he figures he will be approved, but it is all up to Malmstrom.  Malmstrom will either approve or deny his PRP.  Whatever the decision, our PRP section, here, will be informed.  When he is approved, we go to Personnel and let them know we are ready for our orders, I guess.  I don’t really know about the last part.  But, I will personally talk to every person in each step to ensure attention is properly paid to this.  They are orders…how difficult can this possibly be?  Apparently slightly, at least.

As for the rest of moving, we went to talk to the housing office today.  Our landlord said he is going to “have to replace the floors” because of how horribly damaged he says they are.  Just nuts.  So, we are having the housing office come with us to advocate for us.  I am not certain they really help us out at all.  I think German landlords get to do whatever they want, and we are stuck with the bill.  It wouldn’t be such a big deal, but I refuse to lose my deposit on THIS house, with THIS landlord.

And, on a final note – the cars should all be repaired within the next two weeks!  🙂  Volvo needs all the tune-up-y stuff with an oil change plus new brakes and rotors (downside to a Volvo oil change is definitely the cost, but love everything that goes with it).  First, I should say, that it goes in on Monday the 7th for all the body work from when the GOV (gov’t owned vehicle) hit our car.  I assume we will ship it just a few days before we leave.  That will leave us in the US without a car for the first month or two, but at least we’ll have something around here until the end.  The Pacifica should be out of the shop either the end of this week or the beginning of next week…and we should be able to sell it at that point!  Hopefully it sells quickly!!  We are just so thankful for the savings we have to be able to do this without a huge headache.  And, we are relishing in our final overseas paycheck that allows us to not worry about these things.  Back to the United States and back to our beans and rice!

That is pretty much it!  At least it was more news than no news for you.




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