Not having orders won’t slow me down…

At the risk of this sounding like a complaint, I write it anyway: we still do not have orders, and the idea of them is just part of our imagination…at least it seems that way.

There was a whole paperwork issue with someone not doing their job, so come to find out, it isn’t the med group’s fault we still do not have orders. The Man had to turn his PRP paperwork into someone in his squadron. They forward it to the med group. The med group makes an appointment with The Man to review said PRP paperwork. It is a not-so-short process in itself, but when it stops at the second step, it is impossible! Anyway, after a few weeks of waiting on an appointment, The Man finally got a hold of someone at the med group just to hear they hadn’t even received the paperwork, and he needs to resubmit.

So he did that. And, here we sit, 33 days until our DEROS (Date Estimated Return from OverSeas) with not even a hint of how much longer this could take. I haven’t complained, really. This is all part of the process. Every family PCSes. Every PCS has it’s challenges, and I knew what I signed up for. But, I did have a crazy brain moment, yesterday! I emailed a friend go had a very messy PCS out of here. I told her I cant understand how she seemed so sane, and I asked for advice. The advice I received is to pack. Just start doing it. It seems pretty simple, but it did help my brain. Sure, it isn’t as though I have the boxes to really start, but I can start doing something!.

So I started doing something today. I got all the pictures and my Uppercase lettering off the walls. I love having all that put in one spot, knowing it will all get packed the way I want it to. And, it is the part that worried me the most, since they won’t take things off the wall for you. And, amidst all the boxes, you don’t notice that you left something up until it is too late!

So, about 30 days until I think we should be out of here, but still not confident that we will be going to Montana…I think I want to take one big sleep until we get our orders. I will be extra happy, then!


Until we have orders, there isn’t a real update.




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