Surviving the First Week of Preschool…

Little Man made it through the first week of preschool.  He even got a cool mark of public school…his first-week-of-school ick.  He brought it home to share, too.  So, while he had his on a weekend, I get mine the day we have to wake up at 6:30am.  Chills, sniffles, nausea, light-headed-ness.  What a nice kid, eh?  Or, should I be happy that the class is sharing with each other?  A mark of good kids, right?  He was fine today, so off he went to school.

The first week was tough.  This public school thing definitely has two sides.  On one hand, it really is great to wake up, start our day, get Little Man out of the house – and he really does seem to enjoy it.  One of the girls that rides the van to school with him is in love with him…like “Bella and Edward” in love with him.  I have to stop her from kissing him when I pick him up from the bus stop after school.  Every day.  He brings home books.  They say the Pledge of Allegiance.  They have “family-style” lunch, instead of having to go through the line at the cafeteria.  And, they even brush their teeth after lunch!  He loves the story-times in class.  I am not sure if he has a favorite thing, yet…since I have to bribe him in order to tell me even the most general things about his day…”We played outside.  We had quiet time.”

The other side of this is the guilt I feel that he is with someone else all day.  Don’t be confused…I don’t feel guilty that he isn’t with me.  You know me…I subscribe to the “It takes a village…” school of thought.  No, my problem comes from feeling like I have passed him off…and that I have no control over his curriculum.  I don’t have a say whether or not they focus more on phonics than on shapes and colors.  And, while I think it is great that they do worksheets during the day, it is frustrating that all the worksheets he brings home are things we have already gone through.  I am pretty sure he is the oldest in the class, so I understand if other parents haven’t been spending the past year or so on these things.  But, my biggest fear is that what he needs isn’t given at school.  And, while I can spend time doing other things with him at home, the morning is such a critical learning time.  When he gets home from school, he is a straight-up crabby bum.  He doesn’t talk to me, and when he does, you can practically see him snarling.  From 2:00pm until 6:45, when we have been taking “bedtime walks,” he is a grouch!  I am sure he is just so tired, but Little Man doesn’t “do” naps.  So, we suffer through it until the end of the day.

I suppose I can say that the first week went well.  It goes well on our end during the day, at least.  It is when 2:00 comes around that I get a knot in my stomach…so excited to see him, talk to him, get him back…all-the-while knowing he is going to be gnashing his teeth at me.  I suppose I should have called the school this morning to make sure the teachers survived the first week and would be there before I sent him off to school!  😉

I will try and volunteer this week, once the ick leaves the house.  We are required to volunteer 3 hours a month per parent.  That shouldn’t be too difficult, right?




4 thoughts on “Surviving the First Week of Preschool…

  1. Hunter is going to be just fine there!!! He will get used to it as well. Hunter is not used to having a strict routine such as daycare everyday! It takes Kyler a good three weeks to get used to going to Judy’s again after the summer break. When you go to volunteer, scope out the curriculum and then you can notice what they are not working on and work on that at home! Remember teacher auntie Mimi can always give you hints as to what they “NEED” to know what they start kindergarten and what they are “EXPECTED” to know when they leave kindergarten. Hunter does still “NEED” you as well, it is hard knowing that he is ok without you throughout the day. I am used to this from daycare, but you will get used to it!!!

    I am SO SO SO happy that you did this for him!!! It is the best thing for him! He will learn and advance while he is there!!!

  2. The picture of Hunter waiting for the bus is so perfect. I just love it.

    Congrats on getting thru the first week of a new adventure. I’m proud of my big boy grandson. I’m proud of you, too mama.

  3. The picture of Hunter waiting for the bus is priceless. Simply adorable.

    Congrats on your first week of this journey. I’m so proud of my big-boy grandson, and I’m proud of you mama.

  4. Congrats on getting through the first week. I agree with what Nicole said, you both will adjust to this new change. I have learned to enjoy “me” time when I am off at work. It makes me appreciate everything a little more! Hang in there and soon you both will be enjoying these preschool days.

    So proud that he is doing so well! Your lucky you we’re able to teach him so much at home. I won’t get that with Lydia, so I hope our daycare provides some of it.
    Hugs to all!!!

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