Night two (in a row) in the terminal!

We survived sleeping in this terminal.  In fact, it has been such a 5 star experience, we are pleased to announce … we are going to stay, again!

Okay, maybe I am not so excited about it.  Maybe it is more of a “Meh…what are you going to do”-type moment.  At this point, though, I am not interested in another $40 r/t cab fare and another $80 hotel room + fast food/restaurant costs.  However, maybe I should rethink this, tomorrow.  There are no flights heading out of here until Monday.  That means, if I do not get a room, I am also going to be here on Saturday and Sunday night.  Twiddling my fingers, just trying to figure out what to do.

McGuire AFB Roll Call – August 19, 2011

Roll call tonight was a mess, as could be expected being here.  So many people…and I think just under 100 seats were given out.  The lady, Rhonda, whose daughter-in-law works with The Man, made a flight, though.  They only had one seat open on the first flight…and they go through the lists by category until they can find someone to fill that single seat.  Since she was traveling alone, even as a Cat VI, she got the seat.  Good for her, though.  Quite honestly, I was a tidge bitter for a couple seconds.  I was in such shock that the words, “I got on the flight!” did not register with me.  I didn’t understand what she was saying!

Here is what I do know – I am heading to sleep.  I have our rugs on the cots and on the floor.  Both kids are already asleep.  It is still pretty noisy outside this room.  With all the people who did get on the flight still waiting for several more hours, we will have to just sleep through it.  In the morning, there will be hardly anyone here.  The kids and I will “shower” in the restroom, change clothes, if we can find any dry ones (oh…I didn’t tell you THAT story?  Let’s just say Best Western needs to update their appliances, and I wasted a dollar and an hour of my time…hope my clothes don’t mold in my space saver bags), and head to the commissary in the morning for some breakfast food, and probably something for lunch and dinner, too.

Until then…XoXo,



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