We are in New Jersey…

I am ready for bed!  🙂  Who knows when sleep will hit me tonight, though.  We are going to stay at the terminal, again.  This terminal, however, is unquestionably more accommodating when it comes to kids.  The children’s room isn’t just that, it is a whole family room – complete with a sink and refrigerator.  We have our own family restroom, too. And, there is a sleep area!  So, when it comes to bedtime, tonight, at least I will have a specific place to put the kids!  They have those little cots that daycares use.

The toddler and infant sleeping room at McGuire AFB PAX terminal

There was supposed to be a flight tonight out of here, but that fell off the schedule.  No one is saying whether or not it could come back, so you just never know!  We came down here with the hopes off 3 flights – which was competing with the 1 flight out of Dover tonight.  Now, Dover has two flights tomorrow, as well.  Such is the game of hopping.

However, I am always hopeful if retirees are at the terminal.  Speaking of!!  A very nice lady came in today.  She was so friendly…came right up to me and started asking what the latest news was.  We went to the Commissary together to grab some food for our evening…and through the conversation, we found out that she is headed to Sembach, too!  Her daughter-in-law works with The Man (as a matter of fact, Jackie is the only girl in the entire, albeit tiny, squadron).  Bizarre!

I have the little rugs out, the car seats are propped up, in case sleep unexpectedly comes to my children (doubtful), and our bellies are full.  Not to mention, I am so happy because I found very large bottles of green smoothie.  Delicious!  And, I am so happy to have gotten something good for me in my body.

Our setup for the evening at McGuire AFB PAX terminal

On another note, I am getting horribly frustrated with the people who walk in here complaining.  We all have the same story, and usually, the people complaining are the ones who have it relatively easy.  The ones who have been trying for about 2 days.  One woman threw a huge huff and puff about not getting out of Baltimore.  Now, I may be optimistic, but holy smokes, I am not an idiot.  No one in their right mind should be trying out of Baltimore until at least after school starts.  I would even say not until mid-late September.  But, she insisted it had never been a problem before.  Really?  You have travelled during high PCS season through Baltimore without a problem before?  She should continue wasting away her money on gambling, then…because she might be even luckier than I have been!!

I suppose that is all for now.  I don’t think much will be happening here.  But, as always, and almost all thanks to my husby, today…I remain optimistic!  We have a long way to go before this starts costing me as much as even one plane ticket!




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