I am as graceful as a ballet dancer with two left feet…

Let me get honest:

I have been doing great.  I let all the other missed flights roll right off my back.  I have always known that few available seats and last minute changes are a part of the hopping game.  I knew that fewer flights do leave from here, in all actuality.  But, fewer people also come down here for that reason.  McGuire AFB in NJ is always busier…with both people and flights.  Does that make my chances better?  I think it evens out (maybe it doesn’t…but my rose colored glasses seem to think so).

Linda and Larry, the retirees also trying to hop out of here have been a huge help.  The kids love them…and Larry has a prosthetic leg.  He has been entertaining us with it’s amazing-ness.  Seriously, as one of the girls said, “that thing is smarter than MY leg!”  Dan, too, has been great…he slept behind us at the terminal that night we stayed.  He is going to Spain.  His flight has been delayed for several days, now.

But, here is my real moment.  You all have been so nice with your comments – encouraging me…making me feel like I maybe am a little big more graceful at this than I thought.  However, yesterday Little Girl had worked herself up so much, she went into an “Exorcist”-like vomiting episode.  My hair, neck, clothes…covered…she was covered.  Dan grabbed a plastic bag to try and play catcher.  It just wouldn’t stop!  Before you all start feeling bad for me, the terminal has a shower in it, so while the AMAZING people that we have made friends with watched our stuff and played with Little Man, Little Girl and I took showers.  I rinsed out all our clothes, cleaned everything up and got back out there.

Our chances were looking amazing!  The one flight that still remained on the schedule for the night had 53 seats available.  I was definitely getting on it.  Shortly after this number had been released, they gave an announcement that the seats dropped down to 19…and there are 8 un-embalmed human remains on the flight.  For some unknown reason, they were still allowing people on this flight.  And, people were willing to go.  Still, I was confident of our chances, though I wasn’t sure if I could ever accept having ridden with my children on a flight that would smell of human decay.  I told God that he would make that decision for me.  Within an hour, at least a bus-full of people came into the terminal.  They were all Category III, and that sealed the deal for us.

We found a relatively inexpensive hotel (though, not inexpensive enough for me to be doing this so often).  We got in at 3:15am…and woke up for some lunch at McDonald’s.  So thankful that McDonald’s has apples for my kids, at least.  I so miss my daily smoothies and so do they!

We will stay, again, tonight.  But, I don’t know if it is worth sticking around Dover, anymore.  McGuire AFB might be a better bet for us to get home.  They have 3 roll-calls between Thursday and Friday with a total of 165 tentative seats.  I know there are a lot of people up at McGuire, too…but with no one here to stay with, those odds seem easier for me to swallow, up there.  Dover only has the one roll-call tomorrow night around midnight.

Starting to think I should put on some sack cloth and fast.  Because prayer, alone, just keeps getting me an answer of “No…” or at least it is getting me “Not right now.”




One thought on “I am as graceful as a ballet dancer with two left feet…

  1. Once again, you continue to amaze me!!! I like the “Heavy” tag on the suitcase!!! Let’s see how sturdy it really is! Hang in there… Keep us posted!

    Love ya! 🙂

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