We survived our first overnight…in a terminal!

I never thought I would do it.  I thought it would be too awful to endure.  Turns out, it is just like sitting in a terminal and taking a really long nap.  What is so difficult about that?  Nothing.

Last night we ordered some delivery.  We filled our bellies and moved to a different area for the night.  Little Girl was all cozied up for a good sleep in her car seat.  I am so glad we take these beasts along with us.  I have carrying them down to an art, and they make wonderful impromptu seating (or sleeping) areas.

Car seats make excellent travel beds!

After a some chatting with fellow travelers, I put on a movie for the kids.  All the kids.  I may not have a lot of this parenting thing down…but I am very grateful that I am smart enough to pack just enough (or to use my resources) to keep my kids comfortable and happy.  AMEN!  I put the throw rugs that I bought at the Ely Blueberry Festival down on the chairs and tucked the kids in with pillows and blankets.  Midnight came and the kids eventually fell asleep.

Watching ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ at around 11:30pm

The kidlette’s sleeping arrangements

It wasn’t awful.  I don’t have a horror story.  I slept.  The kids slept.  I woke up around 7:30 and the kids woke up around 9:00.  This morning we went to the commissary for some food while a gentleman that slept in the chair behind me last night watched our stuff.  Hopping would certainly be impossible if it were not for the wonderful people we encounter every time we do this.

So…we sit here and wait.  Two roll-calls tonight.  One had been dropped from the schedule.  Apparently the other plane that was supposed to leave, yesterday, is broken.  So, instead of the 4 that were on the schedule, there are now two.  C’est la vie!  Maybe THAT should be the name of my blog instead!




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