There was one flight scheduled out of Dover, today.  Excitedly, there were 73 seats open on it.  But, due to “weather,” they knocked the number down to 19.  We are relatively far down the list.  People huffed and puffed…women cried…I sat and edited photos.  🙂  I did ask the rather old SRA at the counter if I could stay at his house.  He said sure – but he is a Reservist from N.Carolina and it would be a 6 hour drive.  Go figure.

This is how we are traveling - the bag is 87 pounds!

So, I think we are going to stay in the terminal for the evening.  I have my computer, there is tv, we have blankets and pillows (and throw rugs tucked away in our luggage).  And, I have company!  Leigh Ann is waiting for a flight to Rota, Spain.  Unfortunately for her, there isn’t another flight leaving here on the schedule, yet.  So, we will wait in the terminal together!

The kids' room at the Dover AFB PAX terminal

I not-so-secretly hope we are one of those very random, lucky people who gets called onto a secret flight.  When I know when we are getting out…I will update!




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