You can’t win them all every time!

We started our travels out on Thursday. We made it to Baltimore, got our rental car and headed down to Dover. The drive was easy. We went across the terrifying Bay Bridge, and we went through a lot of very small, one stop light towns.

We got some food and went to our hotel. We had missed the previous nights’ roll call, so there was no rush. When we got to the hotel, we enjoyed the comfy beds and tv. The next day, we took our time, too. The roll call for the flights didn’t start until 5:00pm. We got a late check-out and went to IHOP for lunch. There were so many nummy looking places. None of them seemed reasonable when tackling these two kidlettes…and whoever knows how much those two will eat, anyway. We dropped our rental car off, and to our pleasant surprise, a gentleman from Hertz would be able to drop us off at the terminal on base! While we waited for him to finish his other runs, the lady working the Hertz counter made a race track on the floor for them out of masking tape and gave them little yellow Hertz convertibles. That kept them occupied!

When we finally made it to the terminal, we didn’t have very long to wait. We had arrived around 4:00, so once we got marked “Present,” Little Man took a little nap on the floor of the terminal while Little Girl watched some cartoons on the computer.

There were only 7 seats available on the flight that night. And, the flight that would be going out at 10:00 didn’t have anything available – it started out in New Jersey, so they filled up all the seats first. The Airman at the counter informed us all that there were no Germany flights on the schedule for the weekend…and Monday would be our next shot. So, we went on to make hotel reservations and find a cab.

We are now at a Holiday Inn – next to a KMart. I thought it was going to be in walking distance to stuff, but it turns out, I have no real perspective when it comes to map reading! My husband, who is oh-so-good at that stuff, should really teach me. Our hotel is in the middle of the city, and does not offer a shuttle service.  Little Man is a bit under the weather today (he had been throwing up most of the night), so getting out isn’t really an option for us, anyway. But, I sure would love some fresh fruits and vegetables! We do have room service, but they don’t offer much in the terms of fresh fruits and greens. In Baltimore, I have used a grocery service to deliver fresh to us, but I haven’t been able to find anything like that in the area. I even checked on Craigslist, to no avail, to see if there was anyone trying to make a few dollars running odd errands!!

I have tried to find a church in the area. If Little Man is feeling up to it, we would like to go. I did find one that, while large, did say they had several families from the base as members. And, they even had the song we sing at our church on their website. They also offered a shuttle to base and back. Thought I would call up to them to see if maybe they could help me coordinate a ride, but I haven’t been able to get a hold of anyone there by email or phone. Bummer. And, while taking a cab seems like an easy option…I am trying to keep our money saved for the unpredictable week ahead. And, the cabs here are $2.75 a mile (maybe it is because I am not from a big city, but that seems expensive to me).

So, with a little boy recovering from his ick…and a little girl who dislikes wearing underwear in her jammies, we will sit in our hotel room. No complaints, really…Little Man and Little Girl are happy to watch Despicable Me a lay in bed. And, this is the first time we have not made a flight. How upset could we be about this, really?  Little Man was sick, anyway. It just wasn’t meant to be. And, you can’t win them all on the first shot.

This is how Little Man spent our Saturday in Dover.

I suppose I will update when we get back to Germany!




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